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  -Association and relevancy to the field of journal  1   2  3   4   5

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  Is the title clear and concise? Yes    No  


  Is the abstract satisfactory? Yes  No  

  Does it concern the purpose of the work and what was done and? Yes  No 


  Is the study design scientifically valid? Yes  No 

  Have all abbreviations been explained in the text? Yes  No 

  Were the methods sufficiently Novel? Yes  No  

  Were the findings sufficiently Novel? Yes  No  

  Do the results present the data properly? Yes   No  

  Does the discussion explain and discuss the results of the study? Yes   No  

  Is the conclusion satisfactory? Yes  No  

  Does the conclusion support the data? Yes  No 

  Is the length of paper appropriate? Yes  No 

  Was the text well-written? Yes  No 


  Do the references follow the guidelines? Yes  No 


  Are all the tables necessary? Yes  No 

  Can they be simplified or condensed? Yes  No 

  Dose the layout of the table has proper design? Yes  No 

  Is the data arranged properly? Yes  No 

  Is the legend of each table satisfactory? Yes  No 


  Are the number and quality of figures satisfactory? Yes  No 

  Do the legends explain the figures properly? Yes  No 



  Is the correct statistical test used for data analysis? Yes  No 

  Ethical Concerns:

  Are there any ethical considerations? Yes  No 

  Were the studies performed in accordance whit the declaration of Helsinki? Yes   No 



  Accepted with minor revision  

  Major revision required    

  Rejected   

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